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Charm: A Classic Revival

Fashion enthusiasts and Coach lovers alike surely know that Coach is bringing back their classics.  Beautifully crafted structured handbags in neutral colors with demure gold hardware.  My eye is always drawn to matte leathers in go-with-all colors and simple, yet classy details.  I don’t like excessive chains, zippers and things that dangle.  I don’t like bags that slouch or ones that I can’t wear cross-body.  And I never choose to carry a patterned bag, especially because I choose to put the pattern in my wardrobe (usually an animal print, let’s be honest).  In my sophomore year of college I found 2 vintage Coach bags at a local re-sale store called Crossroads.  My first find was a forest green cross-body bag with a circular structured shape. $12.  Convinced this was not an isolated incident I went back 1-2 times a week just to dig through the purses.  Behold, a soft creme colored shoulder purse in great condition.   $15.

Coach is now selling this purse for $298.  I am squealing with delight!  Who would choose to expel this from their collection or accessories?

Classic leather shoulder purse, $298,

I adore flea market and vintage bargain hunting, so I couldn’t resist visiting the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market every other weekend this summer.  My first find was this absolutely gorgeous, super square cross-body bag in a deep mahogany leather,  with only slightly worn gold hardware.  I couldn’t get the seller to go lower than $45, but that still feels like sweet sweet victory.  That SAME purse is now retailing for $298 entitled the “willis bag”.  Their description reads <<At one time, our best-selling handbag. Not-too-big, not-too-small, this right-sized bag was one of the first to use the dowel as a design motif.>>  Why they discontinued this design and shape back then I cannot understand.  It’s effortlessly classic.  It’s just the perfect shape.  Also, I worship the dowel.  I’m never worried my purse is going to pop open, it’s always secure.  I’m in purse heaven.

Willis Bag in Mahogany, $298,

To own this for 1/6 of the price makes me so very happy.  Last but not least is my final find.  Perfect for evenings out, my small black cross-body bag is just big enough for a small wallet, blackberry, and camera, plus a lipstick or two.  The hardware is of course gold, and the strap a bit thinner than the 3 previous.  I think this has a unique look because a leather flap arches over the opening of the bag and hooks on the front.  I also have the option of zipping it to close, but I find that just hooking and turning the dowel keeps everything in there.  I snagged that one for $25-$30, I believe.  I’m extremely content with my classic collection in black, brown, creme, and forest green, for a fraction of the price of one of the new Coach revivals.  I told myself I would not buy anymore, but on my last trip I spotted a few red leather gems.  Did I mention that small red leather cross-body purses are a Fall 2011 trend?  I’ll let you know if Miss Scarlett joins the family.  Ciao!

Edit: One of my favorite bloggers, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere, featured the Coach “station bag” in black leather in her most recent post.  Glad to know that I’m on the right style track.  Dear Emily, please tell me you didn’t pay full price!