About Me

faces, lipstick, faces.

This is what I look like. Nice to meet you!

My  name is Rebecca.  I’ve always loved to write.  I love eating, thinking, cooking and tasting all types of food.  I adore traveling.  I want to explore the world and immerse myself in its many cultures and flavors.  I love old things.  Things that are reminiscent of the past: old magazines, vintage clothing, and design.  I admire Marilyn Monroe for her effortless glamour, and I wish I could hear Frank Sinatra sing in person.  For now, this is a blog about my life.  I like to write about food, exploring, traveling, and occasionally style when the mood hits me.

After all is said and done, I am an aspiring food writer and world-changer who would love to travel around the world and tell you about the things I eat, and promote interfaith and inter-cultural collaboration along the way.  But for now, I’m a second-semester senior in college who’s just trying to figure out the next few weeks of life.  Ciao!


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