30 before 30: Days 16-20

“The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

My heart is so incredibly full and mind my is unfocused and frankly I don’t want to do anything but daydream of DM, breath in DM, work on DM, and savor all of my memories of DM every single second of every day.  It’s a fullness that I can’t portray in words.  My heart is a sink overflowing with happiness, passion, and raw emotion.  Every day that we inch closer is a day I wish I could have again.

I frankly can’t remember what I did on Thursday, but Friday we had our Sumo Wrestling Contest/Wrestling Match in partnership with Athletics.  It was the first event that Rene and I paid very little attention to because our schoolwork finally caught up with us that week.  Luckily, everyone associated with Athletics had the time and patience to work with us and when we got there, the majority of the logistics had been taken care of without our input.  Neither of us had an issue with that, but we felt embarrassed that we could not properly juggle both things and so we apologized for being so out of touch and, frankly, a bit difficult to deal with when planning this event.  While it wasn’t our best event it certainly wasn’t a failure; it was an “easy 6” as Rene likes to say and a great way to keep DM on the radar for another week.  Most of Exec went to Bat 17 afterwards and then we went to Sourav’s for his “pun party” in celebration of his 22nd.  It was another great night with Exec…acting silly and loving each other.

Saturday I did something I never ever have time to do.  I slept in.  I watched 5 hours of television.  I did a months worth of laundry, and I did it all in my pajamas.  Total bliss.  Later we went to the Celtic Knot to celebrate Melissa’s 22nd, I joined Maura to see Spring Awakening (yes, round 2), and went to Nevin’s with Melissa for midnight drinks.  A perfectly stress-free, much needed, very relaxing Saturday.

Sunday I did DM work, totaling trivia points and sending e-mails, and had our usual Sunday evening meetings.  Except this time we said, “this is our 2nd to last committee meeting,” and, “after this, only 1 more Exec meeting until DM.”  It was a scary statement.  The more we discuss things like the 30-hour schedule, assignments for Thursday night, pump-up kits, full-money deadline, and other final things I have to take a deep breath and remind myself that we did it.  Not only as Special Events Co-Chairs, but as a board.  We have been working to make this happen for almost a year, and it is happening.  And we did that.  We did that in our spare time, when we weren’t taking classes, or attempting to sleep, or juggling other student groups.  As 22 passionate students we are making one of the biggest philanthropic events in the nation happen, and we are doing it with such ease and expertise.  I am in awe of everyone.  So it was only fitting that we all go eat a late dinner at Clarke’s and talk about inappropriate things.

Today I attempted to do work in the office all day, but I was barely productive.   Attempted the same thing after our chapter meeting, but had no such luck.  Absolutely none of it seems as important as this momentous event coming up.  How can I focus on the Mexican Revolution when I know that we are about to change the trajectory of one small Delaware non-profit?  When we are going to change the lives of thousands of children and families affected by childhood cancer?  You tell me, could you focus when you knew you were about to do that?

Please watch this:


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