30 before 30: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

WE’RE IN THE TEENS PEOPLE.  I’m so incredibly giddy with excitement it’s hard to put into words.  Just received some wonderful news today: my parents are coming for DM!  I completely understood why they didn’t plan on coming at first.  It’s really expensive for them to make the trip and it seems like they wouldn’t get to spend a lot of time with me.  The truth is that this is so important to me and I was really sad that they would be missing it, especially since almost everyone on Exec is getting a visit from the parentals.  I’m so excited to share in the magic with them!  The fact of the matter is that I’m not in charge of a 30-hour committee so the majority of my work as a Special Events Co-Chair is finished.  The weekend of I’ll be in charge of the 5k/10k (while Mom and Dad are sleeping) and the DM Spa, which is very low key.  Their trip will be worth it.  They will share in my passion, they’ll get so see how this amazing organization changes lives and teaches everyone involved so much about themselves and the world around them. EXCITED.

Back to the countdown.  Saturday I worked on my religion paper all day, briefly pausing to film the DM Exec video.  It was 3 hours of pure smiles, bright colors, and balloons.  It may be extremely cheesy, but as a board we’re pretty cheesy.  Our dynamic is one of admiration and love and so there was no better way to represent it.  I grabbed a quick dinner at Clarke’s with Shelby and Jess, whom I haven’t seen in way too long, to catch up on life.  We talked about the future, the present and the intersection between the two.  There is a delicate balance between living in the now and planning for life post college.  It’s a scary web of emotions.  I outlined my paper for the rest of the night.

Sunday was the DM Valentine’s Day Party.  I cherish every moment I get to see the B+ Heroes; it brings me back to reality.  I don’t always know the best way to interact with them, or children in general, but I try my best and try to make them feel special and appreciated.  I want them to remember these moments in life just as much as I do.  These special experiences…surrounded by students who love them before even knowing them, they must leave an impression.  Later we had a committee meeting and an Exec meeting.  Wrote my paper until 2 AM.

Monday I woke up at 8 AM for a 9 AM Pre-Production meeting and then worked on my paper until it was due, at 5 PM sharp.  What a relief.  I felt ill and exhausted so I relaxed for 2 hours before approaching any form of studying for my 2nd midterm in SOC 311: Food, Society, and Politics.  One of the best classes I’ve taken all of college.

Tuesday I woke up at 8 AM to study and do work all day until the midterm.  Finally the worst was over and I ate dinner and went to my Wine Appreciation Class.  So relaxing…  Finished off a very non-lovey dovey Valentine’s Day with Wendy and Maura at the movies to stare at Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow.  I didn’t cry.  A dissapointing romantic movie if you ask me.  Dear John was so much better.

Today I finally slept in, but I still had to do reading for my Religion class all day long.  I am seriously having withdrawl from the DM office.  I know I should be spending tons of time in there, but I can’t actually get work done and this was my scary serious midterm week.  Hoping to make a come back tomorrow.  We had dancer kick-off at 7 which literally made me tingle.  Seeing all the first time dancers listen attentively to the tips and strategies for DM made me so happy.  How did four years go by?  I really did that 3 times?  I’ve been planning this since April?  It’s almost over?  Did any of this really happen?  Because, honestly, I don’t know where the time went.  I want to freeze time.  Some memories are like polaroids that delicately hang on a clothesline in the wind.  They’re there now, but I don’t know how long I can hold on to each one of them.  I’m afraid of forgetting.  Nothing can stop my happy though because my parents are coming for DM and I can’t stop smiling.  Literally, DM is more important than graduation.  And so I leave you with this gem.   15 days, 18 hours, 49 mins.


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