30 before 30: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

This week was crazy.  I spent all of Monday pretending DM didn’t exist just so I could submit another fellowship application.  Spent too much time in the DM office not doing anything DM related.  Compiled a list of possible jobs to apply for and then wholeheartedly decided that I have no extra time to apply for jobs.  What was I thinking?  DG Lounge was a huge success even though I didn’t really feel helpful.  I’m curious to know how much money we raised in total.

Tuesday was: Happy Birthday Stephanie and Chuck!  My roommate turned 22 and so did another friend on DM Exec.  So we did a deliciously bad for you vegetarian lunch at Edzo’s complete with garlic fries and a nutella milkshake.  Later that day we had the DM Kid’s Jamboree at Lincoln Elementary which was very well attended!  I really have to be in the mood to play with kids though, they can be exhausting.  Then we had our Wine Appreciation Class and some of us on DM Exec went to Bat 17 for beer towers in honor of Chuck’s birthday.  I was happy I finally got a beer tower.  Not so happy Wednesday when I was completely exhausted.

Wednesday we had our basketball practice with some B+ Heroes and families and the men’s basketball team.  It was absolutely adorable to watch, my heart was melting.  The kids loved interacting with the players and everyone was snapping photos…you wouldn’t believe the size difference!  It was just another moment of many where I stop and think to myself, “This is why I work so hard.  This makes it worth it.”  And it does.  We all need those moments to refresh ourselves.  Trivia was less crowded than usual, and I felt particularly sluggish.  Good thing my committee members are rockstars. Oh and someone pointed out halfway through the night that I was wearing my sweater inside out.  No-sleep February?

Thursday  was packed with reading and class and then I went straight to our DM sponsored basketball game vs. Iowa.  Attendance was great for a mid-week game and the B+ Families were honored on the jumbotron!  They seemed to be having a good time, especially since some of the little boys are big basketball fans.  I wish we got to see them more often but hopefully they’ll be at the Valentine’s Day party on Sunday.  And, of course, during all waking hours of DM.  After the game we did a little Special Events and Finance bonding at Rene’s apartment, and then crashed the Dancer Relations/Food party at Nadija’s.  Let the record state that I really don’t have time for socializing, but it helps keep me sane.  Also, I hate missing the funny moments that remind me of how great everyone on Exec is.  And just spending as much time with them as possible.  What are we going to do when DM has come and gone?

Today I had class til one and then I actually got to relax for two hours.  I’m seeing Spring Awakening tonight (SO EXCITED) and then hopefully doing work before bed.  This is going to be the weekend and week from hell.  10 page paper due Monday, midterm Tuesday, serious class presentation on Friday and an event to plan by Friday.  I know I’m going to get through it, but it’s going to be rough.  One of those weeks where I may continually look like a zombie and wear DM/DG apparel.

Trying to balance DM and school work at this crucial point in the quarter is difficult.  There are some moments when I feel incredibly fulfilled and happy and others where I panic a bit about my stressful schedule and all the reading that is not going to get done.  There are sometimes when I just feel like crying and others where I can’t stop smiling and I force myself to watch the DM videos (that I’ve seen a million times) over and over.  And I listen to “Sweet Disposition” 3 or 4 times in a row.  In a year, or maybe just a few months, the classes that I finished won’t matter all that much.  But these moments will.  They have taught me that I may be able to care about almost any social or medical cause as long as I am applying my skills and surrounding myself with a group of like-minded, incredibly passionate individuals.  I don’t think that everyone needs to be philanthropic.  I don’t think that we should all drop what we’re doing and fix the world’s problems.  Some people are meant for that work, drawn to that work.  Others are not.  Live with passion.  Work with purpose.  I know that I will support those who are passionate about what they do, because I know what that feels like, and it makes every hour of work so much more rewarding.


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