30 before 30: Days 2, 3, 4, 5

You expected this right?  I did too.  The whole “of course I’m going to write every day thing” was a bit of a stretch.  I guess it’s just a testament to my DM quarter mentality: DM comes before everything else.  And sleep comes before all of that.  Which sometimes means that homework, eating healthy, looking good, and seeing friends are ranked pretty low on the list.  Case in point: last’s nights dinner consisted of some leftover Top Chef garlic bread, random grilled shrimp that the judges may or may not have touched, and Amy’s Parmesan macaroni and cheese, from a box, to which I may or may not have added half a stick of butter.  And then I ate the entire box.  My stomach was a bit angry with me.

Back to the point.  I spent Thursday trying not to spend every waking hour thinking about Top Chef so that I could actually focus on my Spanish midterm. Rene and I met later in the evening to hammer out all possible logistics so that we wouldn’t have to worry about anything on Saturday morning.  After two hours of questions, playful bickering and grumbling, and lots of wasted paper, we felt prepared.

Friday was class, Top Chef prep and Gone Greek Night.  Rene was a champ and spent the better part of the day at Whole Foods collecting teams’ bags of food.  After some quick thinking we hauled them over to Now We’re Cookin, labeled and divided, and parted ways for Gone Greek Night.  The night club was amusing to put it mildly, cute senior pictures were taken, reasonably priced cocktails were had by all (18+ I’m sure).  I attempted to go out afterwards, but I was not surprised when Top Chef jitters forced me to leave after 15 minutes at John Barleycorn.  Burnt popcorn, water, 7 hours of sleep.

Saturday was TOP CHEF DAY.  I met Rene for a hangover-be-gone brunch at Dixie Kitchen and we went over last minute logistics and debriefed about GGN and life in general.  The hours of 3 PM-7:30 PM were a bit of a blur.  Because I was managing our minute-by-minute schedule in the kitchen, Top Chef was a fast paced and stressful event.  After quickly dealing with an MIA team and some MIA buses, somehow we were able to pull it all together.  Though I do consider myself an experienced event planner (because I love it), this was by far the hardest thing I have ever planned.  Never before have there been so many moving pieces at once, so many logistics to worry about.  It was so exciting to see my committee in action, working hard, individually and together, for the success of this event and a passion for Dance Marathon.  I felt like a sappy mom watching her children in the school play, while simultaneously being the director of that play.  I know it will make a great talking point in future interviews and it’s something of which I am very proud.  We surpassed my expectations for fundraising and received great reviews from audience members.  I can’t wait to see the press!  Though I had intended to celebrate afterward, a whirlwind of emotions hit me like a truck.  All the stress and exhaustion that had been building inside me came pouring out, and the only remedy was a hot shower, a heaping bowl of cheesy pasta, and an early bed time.  An excellent life choice.

So that brings me to today.  Slept in, had an early Exec meeting and then went to a Superbowl party at Elyse’s apartment, another DG senior.  It was adorable.  She spent the entire day building a vegetarian feast of chili, cornbread, zucchini pizza, home-made pretzels and more.  It was incredibly thoughtful and delicious!  Sent follow-up Top Chef emails….didn’t get nearly enough homework done.  But I know myself really well, and if I had not taken all that time to relax and unwind from Top Chef I wouldn’t be a functioning and happy human this week.

Things to remember: slow down.  Drink Emergen-C.  What happened to fruits and vegetables?  Always give hugs.  Goodnight!

DM Exec 2012 at Top Chef, I'm the one with all the papers


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