Hunger: Food On Repeat

If there’s one thing I like more than diving into a delicious meal, it’s diving into that same delicious taste a second time.  You can live in New York City and never eat the same thing twice, of course, but when I love something all I can think about is how much I would love to eat it again.  So here’s 4 of my favorites on repeat: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night.

Abuelo’s Egg Sandwich, $8.50, Penelope, 30th and Lex

Photo Credit Serious Eats: New York

This sandwich is so mouthwatering I could eat it all day.  I’ve been to Penelope twice and ordered this twice.  Both times the eggs have been perfectly cooked: the first bite sends the rich flavor of the hot yolk all over your sandwich.  The swiss is sharp, the ham smoky, and the somun bread extra crispy.  The combo of balsamic-mayo and swiss compliments the lightness of the egg white and yolk (if you have any left inside your sandwich), and I love that you can really taste every layer of flavor, however simple.

Tarragon Shrimp Roll, $7, The Lobster Place, Chelsea Market

Photo Credit

Chelsea Market truly is foodie heaven as Food Network has pointed out in this season of Food Network star and I feel overwhelmed and dissapointed every time I go, simply because I can’t eat everything in sight.  Just knowing that Food Network is upstairs makes me smile from ear to ear.  My upbringing in Baltimore taught me to love crab and shrimp (sorry Bubbie and Zayde!) and I can never get enough.  If I were spending this summer at home I would probably be eating steamed shrimp every other week but it’s basically non-existent on the raw  bar here.  This shrimp roll is the next best thing.  The tender shrimp are mixed with mayo and tarragon, which imparts a minty and peppery flavor on this chilled salad.  I suppose it reminds me a bit of the Old Bay seasoning I’m used to back in my area.  It is then served on lettuce and a buttery piece of white bread, with salted ruffle potato chips and cole slaw.  Try it for the shrimp salad if nothing else, especially if you have a sweet spot for mayo.

Fentimans Ginger Beer, $2-3, cafes and markets

I only discovered this “beer” because it was sitting in a small fridge next to the cash register at The Lobster Place when I was grabbing for a lemonade.  But this caught my eye because I had never heard of it.  I don’t like raw ginger on my sushi or sashimi and I don’t like ginger rounds in my stir-fry, but it works in this ale because the flavor is so strong it’s almost spicy and it adds dimension to smooth, creamier flavors (such as the shrimp salad).  It will also clear up any nasal issues you may be having at the moment.  Trust me, it’s that strong.

Dolsot Bibimbap (with beef and chili sauce), $19, Chom Chom, 56th between 5th and 6th

Photo Credit

I first tried Dolsot Bibimbap on recommendation from the waitress at a Korean grill in DC.  I found it to be absolutely delicious, but Korean wasn’t really part of my repertoire so it didn’t cross my path again.  The best part of this dish is the DIY feel. It’s served in a steaming, sizzling hot stone bowl that’s been heating in an oven for hours.  Add white rice, Korean marinated beef, shredded spinach, shredded carrots, shitake mushrooms, sprouts, some other julienned veggies perhaps, chili paste, and a fried egg over easy.  You get to mix the veggies, paste, and egg yourself so that everything sizzles and cooks against the bowl and the rice gets extra crispy.  This dish has all the flavor and satisfaction of fried rice, one of my favorite comfort foods, without all the heaviness of the extra oil and fat.  It’s easy to eat the whole bowl and you feel satisfied, but not stuffed.

Extra large slices, $2.75-5, Primavera Pizza and Pasta, 2nd Ave between 53rd and 54th

I don’t think there are any photos of these slices because the consumers, between the hours of 12-3 AM, are only focused on one thing: eating.  They don’t want to take photos of the food, or themselves, after a long hot night.  Anyone in the city knows that the best thing to do before bedtime is have a piece of pizza and a gatorade.  Here the slices are large and the crust is extra thin.  Toppings range from cheese and pepperoni to baked ziti and buffalo chicken.  I prefer plain cheese or a white slice.  I’m always satisfied because each bite is extra cheesy and crispy, with a slightly sweet sauce.  Being in New York makes me crave pizza at all hours of the day, and even though I’ve eaten Primavera around 12 PM and even 6 PM, it never tastes as good as that much needed 3 AM slice.  Ciao!


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