Weekends before Weekends

The weekend before last weekend I:

celebrated a 21st birthday, where I discovered that alcohol filled cupcakes do exist and not only do they taste like alcohol, you can even drink out of them with a dainty black straw;

fell asleep in the grass at Central Park, thumbing though Afar and Conde Nast Traveler, imagining my next destinations and my past explorations;

caught up with some family friends who are engaged to be married in September, and simultaneously felt filled with excitement about their wedding and a bit more at ease with my options post-graduation, and the thought of growing older;

met the alleged “Bachelor of the Year”, a Southern lawyer from Charleston, SC who had a refreshing approach to life;

pretended to be the woman I would like to be in a few years and it was easier than expected;

introduced myself to the Hell’s Kitchen flea market for the first time and realized it may be the beginning of a beautiful and dangerous affair, for my wallet;

decorated my hand with traditional Indian henna and decided I would definitely need to explore South Asian culture more deeply;

Last weekend I:

celebrated a friends 23rd birthday with wine and cheese and new friends, with new and interesting beers and large slices of pizza on the Upper West;

perused my way through the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx, taking in the smell of 100’s of different types of roses and herbs, despite a dissapointing “Gardens of The Alhambra” exhibit;

took a spontaneous trip to Merona, New Jersey to see a friend where we revisited homemade food, high school friends, and the ability to make an exciting variety of cocktails;

ventured solo to Fort Greene, to see Marilyn Monroe next to Clark Gable in her last film, The Misfits…she was stunning, real, and a glamourous size 12;

This past weekend I:

dined on authentic tapas and tall pitcher of sangria in an intimate Spanish cafe in Chelsea, where the waiters told me, “aprovecha” and the chef asked, “todo bien?

worked a non-profit benefit in East Hampton, where the property was overwhelmingly large and beautiful, the guests were rich, and the music conducted by Izthak Perlman, even richer;

had an unforgettable egg sandwich at Penelope, with a friend who was visiting from Chicago;

revisted the Hell’s Kitchen flea market and returned with two vintage Coach bags in brown and black, to complete my growing collection;

got a pedicure in fifteen minutes, which I did not know was possible;

looked through almost every item of clothing on the 4 applicable floors of the 5th Ave Forever 21, and luckily only came home with 3 new tops;

went to bed satisfied and perplexed, what have I done this summer and where has the time gone?


One response to “Weekends before Weekends

  1. im supremely jealous of your life! those alcohol-filled cupcakes sound amazing

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