On Not Decorating

Those who know me know that I suffer from an intense case of horror vacui or “fear of empty space.”  In college this has manifested itself in my sense of decoration, which is to gather pictures and posters of things that I love, both black and white and boldly colored,  to cover my walls, doors, windows and bed desk.  Brightly colored Tibetan prayer flags, a collection of Marilyn Monroe shots that I have cut out from calendars since 2007, vintage champagne and travel posters, postcards from all the places I have traveled, my favorite spanish lyrics and phrases, with the occasional photo of friends or family.

Naturally, I had envisioned my new york apartment to be white and drab, knowing that I would take the time to cover it in color.  That has not happened.  I quickly learned that I have many more things to do (ie cook and clean for myself, nap and explore) that collecting decoration pieces is the last thing on my mind.  My roommates, Carly and Lauren, have helped keep our space bright with fresh flowers, bright blankets, and by hanging our summer hued scarves on the wall of our bedroom.  I’ve been musing on other simple ways to make it feel more like home:

-purchasing those $5 prints of Vogue and New Yorker covers from street vendors

-collecting interesting flyers and postcards from the street

-putting cheap, multicolored tapered candles in a vase

-spending the least amount of time possible in the apartment, so that decorating never seems quite that necessary

bonne soirée!


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