Saturday Delights

First Saturday in the city:

Flowy orange patterned harem pants and a simple black tank top to meet up with Lianna, Stephanie and Hayley

A fresh tarragon shrimp roll with perfectly salted artisan chips and just the right amount of spices from Lobster Place

A ginger beer with a flavor so strong it practically cleared my nostrils, which complimented the creaminess of the shrimp salad

My first taste of people’s pops, a sour cherry and plum pop with chunky cherry bits and a simple blend of sweet and sour, just like eating fresh fruit

A casual strong along the High Line, a converted park built on the foundations of an abandoned railroad, perfect for people watching

Thumbing through a independent designer sample sale and the leftovers of an Anthropologie sale, where everything was brightly colored yet constructed in unflattering shapes

Walking to Union Square with Lianna, where we took in the scent of fresh vegetables, artisan bread, and locally grown produce

Mint Iced Tea sweetened with homemade maple syrup, with hints of lemon, lime and basil

Offers of free hugs and massages on the Union Square steps, while hip hop tunes played from a nearby boom-box

Discussing the future, travel, and the absolute magnetic quality of the city


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