Sevilla, me enamoro de ti

I haven’t written in about 3 and a half weeks when I remembered I had a draft detailing all of my weekend travels.  I’m currently in Madrid (again) with my parents right now and I have spent the last 5 weeks in Paris, Granada, Rome, Madrid, and Chiclana.  Living out of my backpack, never sleeping in, and attempting to travel on a study abroad student budget has not been easy, but I am so thankful.  While every trip has meant more beautiful architecture, overwhelmingly rich food, new languages, roman ruins, and more medieval religious art that I can stomach, I’m always hungry for more.  But recently, I’ve been longing to spend more time in what I consider one of the richest, most beautiful, historical, charming and romantic cities in the world, Sevilla.

Now that I have switched homestays (due to what I considered inappropriate conduct by my senora) I find myself much happier.  Or maybe its the fact that it is finally November and I’ve realized that I only have 6 weeks left of my study abroad experience.  I could cry just thinking about it.  When I think of Sevilla I think of rich, breathtaking culture.  The way the Spanish guitar has almost brought me to tears, the way the kindness of the Sevillanos never ceases to surprise me, the way Spanish ham always melts in my mouth, the fact that it’s November and I can still wear a sundress and tights…the way that abroad has made me stop and enjoy life to its fullest without stress.  My Spanish has improved a lot like I thought it would, but not nearly to the point I had expected.  But I’ve come to terms with the fact that a language doesn’t grow overnight (even four months overnight) and it will be a challenge I will pursue for the majority of my life.

My parents and I went to a flamenco show last night, and I have to admit that the combination of cante and toque brought tears to my eyes.  Spain is so passionate.  Spainards are passionate about their music, their food, their families, their love, their celebrations, almost everything with the exception of overworking.  While I can’t imagine myself moving to Sevilla or living here for more than one or two years, I know I will need to return soon.  The Spanish language itself is so beautiful and challenging that I just can’t resist.  Oh Sevilla, me enamoro de ti.


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