7 Things I Love About Sevilla

  1. They already went green.  Yes Sevilla is very green.  But the city is also extremely environmentally conscious.  Receptacles for glass, cans, paper, and trash are abundant along the residential streets and parks throughout the city.  It makes it easy to recycle almost everything…even if not everyone is doing it.  They also have this amazing bicycle system called “Sevici” which is a cute combo of “Sevilla” and “bici,” the nicknames for bikes. It’s so clever.  There are bike racks at several points throughout the city where you can rent a bike for as little or as long as you like.  The trick is to use the bike for less than 30 min at a time because you never have to pay.  Ride the bike for 20 minutes, park it at another rack location and take a new bike.  There are also bike bars throughout the city for convenient parking purposes.  It’s great in theory, but in actuality there are never more than one or two bikes at a rack, making it hard to bike with friends.  In addition to recycling and bikes, basically everyone walks, cars are smalls, and they have clean air bus systems and a metro.  Good job on going green!
  2. Ice Cream hours.  Between the hours of 5:30-7:30 everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is eating ice cream or gelato.  Whoever thought of this was genius.  I have never seen so many densely packed ice cream and gelato locations ever.  You can literally purchase ice cream, prepackaged or fresh, every 20 feet.
  3. Oil jug receptacles.  These are the best.  It’s so Sevilla.  Receptacles only for your large olive oil jugs (which every family has).  Finished your jug?  Put it in this conveniently located specific receptacle.  There are even pictures of olive oil jugs.  For some reason, I find this completely hilarious and I’d thought I’d share.
  4. Looking up. Always a guaranteed surprise.  Many of the small window balconies have ornately tiles bases in both Spanish and Arabic patterns, often with geometric designs.  They are brightly colored and gorgeous to look at.  Also the most ornate and impressive architecture can usually be found at the highest points of many buildings.  Including my university, the cathedral, and many other random spots.
  5. Nooks and crannies. More surprises.  Hidden cafes and bookstores and hostels and hotels around every corner.  I have so much to explore!
  6. Retro babies and J Crew toddlers. For some reason, parents here dress their children in 50’s throwback outfits made out of fabric that hardly looks soft and snuggly.  Little boys are dressed to a T, small loafers and tailored shorts and belts in soft pastels and collared shirts, always.  My favorite part? The classic baby carriages with their English metal detailing and soft ruffles and white linens.  Toddlers are better dressed than me.  Not fair.
  7. Juxtaposition of antiquity and modernity. Self-explanatory.  Where else could you stroll past a 500-year-old world famous cathedral as the Sevillan metro glides by on its rails?  You have to see it to believe it.

Ciao friends!


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